You’ve heard of the term “If you don’t use it, you lose it” right? Well, that can be applied to almost everything, mentally, physically, and materialistically. 

This post is for the people who don’t know what they want to do. I’ve been there. I’ve been months without really flexing my creative muscles.

Flexing your creative muscle doesn’t have to be drawing, painting, designing graphics, and making music, either!

Benefits Of Flexing Your Creativity

Benefits of Being Creative

Being creative promotes a healthy brain by giving it a challenge. It provokes thought, and you are constantly learning. People who don’t try to be creative tend to be followers, and don’t have dreams or ambitions in life, leading them down the dreaded path of a pointless life, not caring whether or not they leave a legacy in this world.

If you’re reading this, you are not that person.

Flexing your creativity is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to using your brain. It will be mentally exhausting after a lengthy session of being creative.

Creating something that you actually like yourself, will get your juices flowing and boost self-confidence. It is VERY addicting, and your world will expand.

Eventually once you do it so much, you will become in tune mentally with some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. 

You may be cursed with the mindset of a creator. (Which is a good thing!)

How Can You Flex Your Creative Muscles?

How to Flex Your Creativity

This can be a tough one, because everyone has different frequencies. Some may want to write, some may want to paint, some make music. It will require trials to figure out what you really enjoy channeling your energy towards.

Me personally, I’ve tried music, drawing, graphic design, writing (obviously), web design, oil painting, YouTube entertainment, and – well, you get the point. I’ve tried lots of stuff, and it benefited me, I now know how it’s done when it comes to those certain creative areas. 

I would suggest having a set schedule for your creative days, though if you have random spurts of inspiration, let it flow!

Step 1: Figuring Out Where To Start

Ideas For Being Creative

You need to experiment. You may like making music more than you do painting, but you need to find out.

If you “kind of” know what you want to do, get a notebook, and write a list of things you really enjoy, and then come up with random ideas on things you may want to do, and narrow them down to things you can do RIGHT NOW.

I started out young making music, drawing, and doing graphic design, because I can do it practically free and when ever I want.

I later moved to flexing my creativity on things that cost money, like oil painting, or this blog for example. Both I enjoy and have learned TONS.

Step 2: Create The Perfect Enviroment

Make sure you have a good environment for thinking. If you have babies running around, dogs running around, or your spouse constantly talking to you, that is not a good mix, You don’t want to increase the chance of your work coming out not the way you want it to. 

You need to be in the “zone”, with as little distractions as possible. I typically listen to my favorite playlist.

Proper environment isn’t necessarily a need for some creative processes. For example, you can be driving around thinking about solutions, and that would be considered flexing. You could even be at a party, and be thinking about how the party could be better. You could even be at work, solving problems and creating innovate processes.

Step 3: Give Yourself The Right Tools

What you decide to do, make sure you give yourself the right tools to do it the best way, even though everything is subjective, there are several real tools, or software that may help you do it better.

Do some research on what you want to do before you execute. If you want to paint, learn the difference between oil paint and acrylic paint.

Even though some people may not like doing this, you’re suiting up for a great take off.

Step 4: Finding Inspiration

Let’s be honest, what ever you end up doing, someone else is already doing, that’s okay. You can do yourself better than anyone else. 

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, and got your environment together, find some inspiration. Everyone has something that inspires them. For me, I always have music playing, typically positive music or edm that doesn’t have lyrics. Music can give you a certain feeling that nothing else can. 

While I’m doing graphic design, I would look at other peoples designs in order to get inspiration. 

Eventually you will find inspiration within yourself.

Step 5: Discipline & Balancing Creativity

Does flexing your creative muscle require discipline? It can, sometimes you may get so deep into something that it becomes a task more than it does being apart of the creative process. But if you really enjoy what you have been doing, then you wont mind.

I work 9-7 everyday except Sunday, I would come straight home almost everyday, shut the door and be in there until almost midnight. I realized that it was hurting my relationship with my fiance and our two dogs. I’ve since made it a point to spend weekdays after work with them, watching movies, going out to eat and just spending time being a family.

But after work Friday, and Saturday, and sometimes during Sundays, my fiance knows exactly what I’m doing. I’m creating. She understands this now and gives me piece and quite. 

I anticipate the weekend solely for this, so I can be free. I enjoy getting my creative juices flowing more than anything, for myself.

Step 5: Become A Showoff

Whether your painting, making music, doing graphic design, or simply coming up with solutions, let it be known. There’s never been a better time to be alive, you can find hundreds of platforms online for showing off your creativity.

There’s no greater feeling than seeing people appreciate your work. Everything is subjective in the creative world, but when you see that someone appreciates your efforts, it tells you that you did something “right” and it boost your motivation to keep on going.


Flexing your creative muscles can boost self-confidence, boost motivation, increase happiness, and challenge your brain to be better, smarter, and more innovative.

Once you’ve been in the creative mindset for some time, you will see that you know valuable things that the average person doesn’t know, and can typically apply your learned knowledge on everyday situations.

Make sure you have a good environment for being creative, and balance your creative life and your normal life, otherwise things can become out of whack.  

Experiment, and figure out what you truly want to do with yourself.


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